Learn a new language and connect with other cultures. With lessons in over 160 languages, you can use Pronunciator to take a course, attend live conversation classes, or download a phrasebook to your phone.

Access to Pronunciator also includes Bluebird, a language-learning app for Android and Apple phones and tablets. Bluebird focuses on audio lessons with daily lessons narrated in any of 146 languages. In addition, adaptive 45-minute tests provide official PDF certificates of language proficiency complete with CEFR scores.

Using Pronunciator
• You can either create an account with Pronunciator or use it anonymously. If you choose not to create an account your progress through the lessons will not be saved.

• Find out more from their Help Center

Using Bluebird
• Find the Bluebird app in either the Google Play store or Apple App store
• You can use your Pronunciator account to log into the Bluebird app 
• You can also get an Institutional PIN from your local library or on the Pronunciator page after logging in